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LFC Manager

LFC Manager by Taures is a powerful analytical calculation modular tool designed to help Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to deal with Load-Frequency control using Ancillary / Balancing Services.

LFC Simulations in current environment

  • Analyses of impacts of various dispatch methods and instructions on control quality

  • Calibration of dispatch methods tailored to individual TSO needs

  • Calculation of necessary volumes of ancillary services in various scenarios

  • Dispatcher training

Getting ready for standard Balancing products by ENTSO-E

LFC Simulator

  • Load-frequency control simulations with available Ancillary services / Balancing products

  • Evaluation of impact of various settings of dispatch rules

  • Detailed evaluation of the results of load-frequency control

Dispatch Training Simulator


  • Real-time dispatch actions performed by the trainee

  • Activation of Ancillary services / Balancing products

  • Evaluation of dispatch action

  • Comparisons with alternative dispatch actions

Balancing Optimizer


  • Identification of optimal combination and volumes of Balancing products

  • Based on LFC simulation

  • Compliance with ENTSO-E criteria

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