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PPO Manager

PPO Manager by Taures is a powerful analytical calculation modular tool designed to help

  • power producers

  • heat producers

  • power traders

  • distribution system operators

  • big consumers

Operation preparation and trading optimization

  • determination of cost-optimal operation of heat plants, power plants, CHP plants and industry-based power plants,

  • economical and technical comparison of alternative plant operations,

  • evaluation of efficiency of plant operation,

  • determination of optimal market strategy for selling electricity,

  • determination of optimal market strategy for buying electricity,

  • determination of optimal strategy for selling ancillary services to the TSO,

  • determination of optimal fuel mix,

  • determination of required amount of fuel,

  • determination of required amount of CO2 allowances,

  • evaluation of criteria that are necessary to receive subsidies for combined heat and power production,

  • long-term, medium-term and short-term operation planning,

  • maintenance intervals planning,

  • investment studies, i. e. evaluation of technical and economical impacts of installing or refitting various technological components.

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